RDK V Food

If you’ve seen the TV show ‘Man V Food’ you’ll know what the concept of it is. Massive meals and a time limit to eat it in. We love the show in this house. I’ve always wanted to do a food challenge (especially if the gorgeous Adam Richman was there!) So I came up with the idea of a HUGE burger with loads of sides. A Man V food challenge without the time limit was on the cards for our dinner tonight.

It consisted of:

A mahoosive burger with a chunk of cheddar in oozing out of the middle

Gigantic burger buns

Lashings of bacon


Caramalised onions

Cheese sauce


Butternut squash chips

Smoked paprika beans


And finally Corn on the cob!!


Now where to begin….

I started out by making the dough for the buns. The recipe I used was from here: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/beautiful-burger-buns-recipe Instead of making 8 buns, I made 4 and used 2 buns for each burger.

Whilst the dough was rising, I made the burgers.


400g Lean minced beef


1 Green chilli

As much as you like of:

Chilli powder

Garlic granules

Smoked paprika

Ground cayenne

Ground black pepper

Texas smokey BBQ spices

Mixed herbs

Cajun spices

BBQ sauce

Cheddar cheese

1. In a bowl, put all of the herbs, spices, BBQ sauce, chilli and garlic and mix together.

2. In the bowl, chop up the minced beef and mix with the spices

3. Form into 4 equal balls and flatten into a burger shape.

4. In the center of each burger, make a slight dent.

5. In the dent of two burgers, put a chunk of cheddar cheese in.

6. On top of the burgers with the cheese in, put the ‘plain’ burgers on top and mold so that the cheese is fully covered.

7. Wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge. Allow to rest until ready to cook.

2. Pour in the evaporated milk, chopped chilli and sprinkle in black pepper

3. Leave until later.

Prepare the onions. In a frying pan, pour a little oil and some light brown sugar. Slice the onion into rings and put in the pan. Gently cook until nearly done. Then leave on the hob to cool.

Now, boil the chips for 4 minutes, then drain and put on a tray. Spray with oil and put in the oven at gas mark 3, turning every 30 minutes for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

15 minutes before the chips are ready, it’s time to get serious

1. Wrap corn on the cob in foil with some butter and put in the oven for 15 minutes

2. Cook the burgers under the grill, turning occasionally

3. On a slow heat, gently melt the cheese sauce. Add in the food colouring to make it orange. Hmmm it looks kinda radioactive!

4. Finish off the onions

5. Fry the bacon

6. Heat the beans with smoked paprika sprinkled in

7. Put the coleslaw in pots

Time to serve!

1. On the burger bun at the bottom, spread your choice of sauce

2. Place lettuce and sliced tomatoes on the buns

3. Then the burger, bacon, onions and cheese sauce

4. To keep the burger together put a skewer through the middle (I added a mini cupcake wrapper to put sauce in)

5. Now dish up the chips, beans, coleslaw and corn on the cob

It doesn’t show just how big it actually is!!!

I barely made a dent!!

What I did manage though, was delicious! The burger was so flavoursome, juicy and tender. The bread was perfect and it was all just so yummy. If only we had another 6 or so people around, it may have all gone! I have new found respect for the lovely Adam Richman.


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