I’m still here!

Hey, to anyone out there that reads this, my foodie thoughts and recipes. I’m sorry I’ve not written a post in what seems like forever… I’ve been really busy lately. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I had an idea that I’d host a Christmas party or a gathering, if you will, at our newish house. This has made me go on a crazy mission to get the house decorated and decluttered, so that I can feel proud to have guests round (not that I don’t now, I just want it to be perfect!)

So basically, I’m painting pretty much the whole house (with a small brush :-/) putting up shelves, filling jars to go on the shelves, painting furniture, hanging pictures, emptying cupboards, taking a load of stuff to the tip or to a charity shop, taking up carpet, sorting out the food cupboards, oiling the worktops, making up flat pack furniture….the list is endless. I’ve even made some hanging heart bunting and some coasters made from twigs! All this for a party! Crazy? Yep! Anyway, I see it as somewhat of a challenge to myself to complete it all by the beginning of December. Only a few weeks to go then….

Oh yeah… I’ve also lost my (third…) camera lead so I can’t upload photos at the mo 😦 I’m trying to hunt it down though, do not fear. 

Anyway, I’m still cooking, just not extravagant stuff. Mainly stuff that I can just throw together and takes little time.

So please, stick with me and I promise I’ll be back soon! Maybe even with pictures of the finished house.  Hope you are all keeping well. See you soon x


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