Parmesan chicken, spanish style potatoes and salad

I’m missing Spain already! So had to have something to remind me of that wonderful place, and my favourite ever meat is chorizo. Can you get more Spanish?!


New potatoes


4 tomatoes


Chicken breasts

Grated parmesan



Cajun spice mix

Smoked paprika


Balsamic glaze

Sweet chilli sauce

Olive oil



Spring onions

1. Start of by preparing the potatoes. In a glass Pyrex dish, put in some washed and quartered new potatoes, along with some olive oil, 2 sliced tomatoes, garlic, chorizo, sweet chilli sauce, balsamic glaze, smoked paprika and pepper

2. Put the potatoes in the middle shelf of the oven at gas mark 5, turning every 20 minutes for an hour

3. In a bowl crack in one egg white. In another bowl, tip in some flour, grated parmesan, basil, cajun spice mix, pepper and smoked paprika

4. Flatten the chicken with a rolling-pin and slice each breast into 4 slices

5. Take the chicken strips one at a time and first dip in the egg white then roll into the flour mixture. Set aside on a plate

6. When the potatoes are nearly done, cook the chicken under the grill for approximately 6 minutes on each side

7. Whilst the chicken is cooking, prepare the salad on the plates. Mix the lettuce with the rocket. Slice the spring onions and tomatoes. Drizzle over some balsamic glaze

8. Time to plate up. Next to the salad, stack the chicken and spoon on the potato mixture

I wish you could smell (and taste!) just how good this is.


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