Chocolate Vodka!

Let me start this post by assuring you that as I’m writing this post at 12.35pm on a monday afternoon, I am not tasting this drink. Well I will be, but not for another approx 8 hours 🙂

I was watching Superscrimpers on channel 4 ( the other night, when they were doing a section on cocktails on the cheap. They made this drink up in under 10 minutes so I thought ‘hey! this would make a fab Christmas drink’ (thinking it would taste like a well-known Irish drink which is nice over ice…)

So, when I visited Ikea over the weekend and saw nice glass bottles for I think about £1.50, I got one to test it out.

Here’s the recipe Scroll down to the comments and you’ll find it.

I used 10 snack sized chocolate bars as they worked out cheaper than the regular sized ones, and I got the cheapest bottle of Vodka I could find as I knew the chocolate would be flavouring it.

I had the tiniest bit (well I had to taste it) and confirmed to myself, that not only is it SO easy to make, it does taste pretty much like that Irish drink.  I will definitely be getting more glass bottles soon to make more (and try different flavours) as gifts for Christmas. Some pretty labels would complete the look…

Here’s the finished product-


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Vodka!

  1. This is definitely something I need to try. Is there a special brand of vodka and chocolate I should use? Thanks! Mark

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