Wholemeal bread rolls

For the first bake on my blog not that I just had to bake something so I could make my first post asap. Me excited?! Oh no! I thought I’d start with something simple I hoped. We needed some bread but as we didn’t need a whole loaf, I thought rolls/baps would be ideal.

I may have cheated not made these totally by hand, as I could not use my ever trusty bread maker. My bread maker came with a recipe booklet and as I’ve not made rolls before, I thought I’d use one of the recipes as a guide. As I never totally follow a recipe, I adapted it. (Thanks to Morphy Richards for the recipe http://www.morphyrichards.co.uk/Pdf/IB48321.pdf)

I know most of you will know how to make them, but I’ll post the recipe anyway…

Here is the recipe and I’ll write in what I changed/added:

(The bread maker came with a measuring cup which I have lost, oops. So I just use a mug.)

Water 1 1/4 cup/mug

Skimmed milk powder 2 tbsp

Melted butter 2 tbsp

Honey 2 tbsp (I substituted this for 2 tbsp of golden caster sugar)

Brown sugar 1 tbsp (I left out)

Salt 1 1/2 tsp

Strong whole wheat bread flour 3 1/4 cup/mug

Fast action yeast 1 1/2 tsp

I added a small handful of oats and a couple of tbsp of sunflower seeds.

When It’s done it’s thing in the bread maker, knead and shape into 6 rolls. Place on a greased tray, brush lightly with melted butter. Cover to let the double in size for 20-25 minutes, glaze again. Bake for approx for 15-20 minutes at 190C/375F/gas mark 5)

Here’s what they look like:

Now, I know they’re not exactly perfect. But, they taste pretty darn great!


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